WritingKeynote Content is the content marketing headquarters for Jon Cook, an independent content creator, brand developer, and social media consultant based in Denver, Colorado. Jon works with entrepreneurs, businesses, and nonprofits to discover and unlock the key to their brand messages.

Jon has written content for many notable brands, including Chick-fil-A, Dodge, Chrysler, iamsecond, and many more. His family experience in small business, personal experience in nonprofit work, and entrepreneurial spirit is what uniquely equips Jon to engage all three arenas.

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  • Mark Anderson

    "I was put in charge of creating our company's new website. I started working on this project, but quickly stalled out while trying to keep up with my other duties. I contacted Jon of Keynote Content for help. Jon jumped right in and started creating content for our website. The website was finished in a timely manner and exceeded our expectations. I would highly recommend Jon and Keynote Content. Jon made the whole process easy and painless. He is a skilled craftsman at his trade and knows the in's and out's of creating content. Thanks Jon and Keynote Content for a job well done!"

  • Tom Terbrock

    "Thank you for the extra effort with our web content. The site turned out awesome. Thanks again for the quick turn around and outstanding vocabulary."

  • Allison Herrin

    "Jon was incredibly professional in the work that he created for me. He truly listened to what I wanted and thus the time it took to create was drastically decreased. It only took three shots to get what I wanted and that has never happened before. He was very thought-provoking and asked me all of the right questions to get me thinking about what I wanted and was honest about what would work and what wouldn't. But he didn't stop there, if something wouldn't work, he would find what did and made sure I was happy with it. I will definitely be recommending him to my colleagues."

  • Linda Shields

    "Jon Cook has patiently and competently helped me to update my blog and also to prepare my manuscript for publication. It has been a pleasure to work with him. He never rushes me or pushes me in a direction that I am not comfortable with--he listens and achieves everything he promises promptly and professionally. He charges a very reasonable fee for his services. I especially like how he sends a follow-up email describing what we have discussed so I can change or modify it, and then he carries it through. I will hopefully be engaging Jon for many more projects in the future."

  • Lori Flynn

    "Jon was extremely professional and actually delivered before he said he would, with more than he promised and exceeded my expectations on every level. The most noticeable detail was how he was able to understand what I was trying to communicate and help me expand on that vision.  He was able to communicate what I wanted to say in a brilliantly creative way. I would absolutely recommend Jon. I'm excited to see where he talents take him over the next 5 years because I'm convinced he will be in very HIGH demand."
  • Jeff McDonnell

    "Jon listens and collaborates extremely well. He shared a ton of fresh and intuitive ideas. Our dynamite door hanger was designed and delivered in record time. Jon Cook is a CHAMP!"

  • Stephanie Haynes

    "Choosing to work with Jon is one of the best decisions I ever made! I am very familiar with using social media, but what he as taught me is revolutionizing how I view content on my website, blog postings, and my use of social media. Each time I meet with him I leave armed with new techniques to refresh my online presence and inspired to try new things. The best thing about working with Jon is that he is always willing to explain any aspect of what he is presenting so that not only do I understand his plan, but I feel as if I have had an education that allows me to expand on what he's given me on my own. Take Jon up on his offer to evaluate your site. Whether you are looking to grow your business through your website or using social media, he will give you informative suggestions as help you achieve your goals."

  • Debbie McFarland

    "As a small business owner - I lacked the time, skills and knowledge to create the social media avenues necessary in today's market to stay competitive. Jon developed my Facebook page - and as a result - I'm reaching more clients. I highly recommend using Keynote Content and will be doing more business with them very soon."

  • Ken Willard

    "Jon Cook and Keynote Content were great to work with on creating a logo for my organization. Everything was done very professionally and much quicker than I ever expected. I also loved the number of options they provided and their flexibility in matching exactly my needs. Their services exceed my expectations and I would highly recommend Keynote Content."

  • Andrea Andres

    "I would recommend Jon to anyone needing help with their business."