Blog Coaching

Blog Coaching Keynote ContentAthletes have trainers, musicians have teachers, and bloggers need coaches.

For many entrepreneurs and businesses, blogging is a newfound adventure. It’s also the most dynamic, effective discipline to building your platform as a business. Research shows that businesses who blog at least once a week experience 57% more leads. (Source: Hubspot) The value of blogging is well-known, but how to blog and where to even start can be huge questions.

Beginner Blog Coaching

I provide ten-week blog coaching course of half-hour sessions with bloggers to increase their blogging potential and future blogging strategy. This is some of what is covered in my blog coaching course:

  • Review of recent posts – Part of knowing where you’re going is knowing where you’ve been.
  • Finding your blogging voice (write like you speak, not like you’re in school)
  • Terms you need to know as a blogger (ex: keywords, meta tags, H-tags, etc.)
  • Increasing followers and potentially monetizing their interest (affiliate marketing)
  • Creating a content calendar (What’s a content calendar? Find out here!)
  • And much more!

Sessions are conducted via phone or video call. All sessions can be scheduled with a wide range of flexibility to fit your business schedule. Pre-session reading assignments will be emailed to you in the week before the session. Post-session homework is assigned following each session.

Advanced Blog Coaching

For more experienced bloggers, I provide a more customized approach based on your current blogging discipline level and experience. We can identify and target specific areas of blogging where you would like to grow. The end result is a highly-focused roadmap built for greater blogging success.

I’ve worked with bloggers across the U.S. over the past three years to develop their blogging platforms. Many of them have seen significant improvements in their blogging success, including financial success. Investing in a blog coach is an invaluable step into your blogging potential!

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