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The M3 Influencer Matrix: The Three-Step Framework for
Creating Powerful Impact as a Speaker, Coach, and Influencer

Speakers, authors, coaches, and consultants are fighting harder than ever to be heard. Jon Cook shares his proprietary M3 Influencer Matrix for building influence in your marketplace. You will learn why the world needs more manifestos, how to win your audience's allegiance, and how to share messages that can change the world.

3 Persuasion Principles from Writing 1.4 Million Words in Six Years 

Jon Cook wrote over 1.4 million words in six years mastering the art of persuasion. Jon's experience uncovered a proven framework for building irresistible influence as a speaker, author, coach, or consultant. This featured talk explores three key principles of persuasion and how to implement each principle for dynamic influence.

Once Upon a Dopamine: How Brain Science-Based Persuasion Influences Storytelling, Success, and Human Satisfaction

"Storytelling is an art!" Spoiler alert: it's also a science... and science can be hacked. Jon Cook shares about four chemicals our brains crave and how to activate each chemical reaction through specific words and phrases. You will learn how to create a powerful connection in the minds of your audience as an influencer.