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Top Online Accounting Programs for Entrepreneurs

If you’re starting as a typical entrepreneur, you probably don’t have a large amount of revenue or cash reserve fueling your new efforts. How do you find a professional-grade accounting program that’s even moderately affordable, maybe even free? There’s no shortage of accounting programs for entrepreneurs today. The options range from […]


Believe Me (Michael Margolis)

Top eBooks for New Entrepreneurs

When I first launched as an entrepreneur, there was a lot I didn’t know about being an entrepreneur. All I knew was two things: I wanted to start my own business and I was passionate about what I wanted to do. As a new entrepreneur though, I needed all the […]

Stopping anti-social media with entrepreneurs

Social media is the most popular form of connection for businesses today. Email still has its place and value in marketing, without any doubt, but it’s not nearly as visible as social media. The opportunity to build an entrepreneur’s platform is squarely focused on social media… but there’s a problem. […]

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