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Debunking 7 myths of content marketing

Content marketing is the most dynamic business marketing strategy available today. Brands of all sizes from global leaders down to Ma & Pop operations are embracing the power of content marketing. The shift from pop-up ads and cold calls is thankfully being replaced with a help-based approach to marketing: informative […]

Debunking 7 Myths of Content Marketing - Keynote Content

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One Crucial Myth of an Online Sales Funnel

Where are buying prospects entering your sales funnel? I was recently in a session with one of our local Google Partners when this topic was approached. In the four recognized stages of online sales funnels, it’s easy to assume buying prospects are in need of nurturing for a projected period […]

What Are Marketing Qualified Leads?

What makes a marketing lead ready to transition from buying prospect to converted client? The relationship between sales teams and marketing departments has a rather bumpy history. In decades past, even up until recently, marketing teams worked to create advertising to catch as many prospects as possible and then, sales specialists were […]

Marketing Qualified Leads - 01