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Defining Buyer Personas and How to Develop Them

How many times have you heard an entrepreneur say their services are for everyone? It’s not true! The truth is a vast majority of an entrepreneur’s products and services aren’t for “everyone”. There’s a much smaller range of buyers who […]

Buyer Personas - 01

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Blog and Content Ideas for Interior Designers

Interior designers have a fantastic, but challenging task of staying current with both design trends and customized client taste. I’ve worked with a few interior designers and I am amazed at how diverse and informed they need to be to […]

Blogging is the Driving Force of Content Marketing

Blogging is the muscle behind content marketing. The change from interruption marketing to content-driven marketing has put blogging squarely in the driver’s seat of future marketing campaigns. A recent study by WebDAM reveals 78% of CMOs think custom content (ex: blogging) is the future […]