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6 Steps to Boost Your Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is one of the fasting-growing social marketplaces. It’s transformed so many industries from wedding services to home decor to even house maintenance and technology. Pinterest is now the third-largest social platform after Facebook and Twitter. In reality though, Pinterest has gained a reputation of being a massive time consumer. […]

Pinterest Marketing

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Why Are Small Businesses Afraid of Social Media?

If I had a dime for every time a small business owner told me they were uncertain about social media, I’d buy Google. Dozens and dozens of SMBs have told me they know they should be on social media and they see the incredible value of it, but for whatever reason, […]

Stopping anti-social media with entrepreneurs

Social media is the most popular form of connection for businesses today. Email still has its place and value in marketing, without any doubt, but it’s not nearly as visible as social media. The opportunity to build an entrepreneur’s platform is squarely focused on social media… but there’s a problem. […]

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