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Blogging is Your Content Castle, Social Media is Your Outposts

Your blog is your content castle. It’s the central hub for your brand’s content strategy. Your blog is the most dynamic form of content available to your target audience today. It’s where clients come to learn about you, evaluate your […]

Castle - 01

Pinterest Marketing

6 Steps to Boost Your Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is one of the fasting-growing social marketplaces. It’s transformed so many industries from wedding services to home decor to even house maintenance and technology. Pinterest is now the third-largest social platform after Facebook and Twitter. In reality though, Pinterest […]

Six-Packs and Social Media?!

Six-pack abs take work! It’s one thing to see a 20-year old claiming to be allergic to his shirt while flashing a six-pack on Daytona Beach. It’s another thing to see a 40-something not ashamed to show the world they […]

Six-Packs and Social Media