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3 Questions to Improve Your Content Marketing in 2015


It’s a New Year and a fresh start to launch your content marketing plan for 2015! Wait, what’s that- you don’t have a content marketing plan?! Don’t worry, it’s not too late. Creating and refining a solid content marketing plan for 2015 starts with asking the right questions.

1. Why are we creating content?

How is your content functioning inside your overall marketing scheme? It’s one thing to create content; there are no shortage of tabloids creating useless celebrity gossip and fashion tips based strictly on opinion. It’s another challenge to create intentional, valuable content that serves a dynamic purpose inside your 2015 marketing strategy. Identify and target the purest purpose behind creating new content.Content Marketing - 01

2. What type of content do our clients and prospects want us to share?

Are you listening closely to what your clients and buying prospects are communicating? They’re engaging with your online sales funnel for a reason. Find out what’s attracting them to your brand and how you can answer more of their questions and concerns through blog posts, eBooks, email newsletter, a webinar, social media, and other avenues of premium content.

3. Who are your primary content creators?

Marriott International made a bold move last year when Jay Hamilton, Marriott’s head of digital corporate communications, challenged all 330,000+ employees to become content creators for Marriott. Of course, Marriott International has the brand clout to leverage over a quarter-million people to continue building their brand recognition, but you may currently have only one person creating content for your brand. Create your own challenge for your sales and support staff to collaborate and curate a variety of pictures, customer reviews, buying experiences and reactions, and success stories to populate your blog and social media channels.

When it comes to creating quality brand content, it takes intentionality and persistence to develop a great content footprint. If you’re in need of a content marketing strategy, I can help you develop the right content to attract, engage, and convert prospects into full-scale clients in 2015!

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