Using a teleprompter is one of the best ways to reinforce your on-screen confidence for video marketing.

Ask any marketer about the value of a video teleprompter and you’ll probably hear a few common responses:

  • “A teleprompter can be great as long as your video doesn’t sound too scripted.”
  • “Using a teleprompter takes some getting used to…”
  • And then, something along the lines of: “I use a teleprompter for ALL of my recorded videos!”

Finding a great teleprompter can take some work, which is why our Keynote Content team sorted through some of the best video teleprompters to present what we feel are the best of the best.

Features to Consider When Choosing a Video Teleprompter

There are several details and situations you need to process through before purchasing a new teleprompter for video marketing:

  • Setup speed and ease – If setting up and starting your teleprompter is a pain at all, you’ll probably be tempted to ‘just wing it’ instead of dealing with the hassle of your teleprompter. What’s the point of owning a teleprompter if it’s a headache to even set up?
  • Compatibility – How well does your teleprompter integrate with most video camera setups? Are you trying to use your phone or tablet as your script? How closely does the mirroring align with your presentation setup?
  • Appearance – We know, this may seem crazy because you’re the only one who should be looking at the teleprompter. However, you will probably spend hours looking at your teleprompter while creating amazing videos for your business? Why not get a teleprompter that has a design and style you love with no compromises?
  • Speed adjustments and other performance features – A good teleprompter should have a variety of speed, font, and start/stop/replay features for you to customize. How easy and intelligent are the controls for the teleprompter you choose? You want a stress-free, focused experience working with your teleprompter. The last thing you need is a distraction caused by a subpar playback setup. On the positive side (our preferred perspective), a seamless teleprompter experience can make your videos provide that ‘wow’ impression with your audience.

Best Video Teleprompters of 2020

We reviewed several of the top video teleprompters available today. Note: these are not presented in any particular order, just a collection of what we believe to be the best on the market. Our goal is to present you a list of video teleprompter to choose from for your business. Any of these teleprompters should give you a great experience, albeit slightly different from any other on this list.


CuePro Prompter Teleprompter

If you want a basic, no-frills teleprompter, the CuePro Prompter is your answer. We cannot emphasize enough that this is an entry-level teleprompter and the price reflects it. However, the quality is great for the price point. Keep these details in mind as you consider the CuePro Prompter:

  • The CuePro screen is slightly smaller than many teleprompters, but not an impossible size. This may affect how closely you position the teleprompter to your stance.
  • There is a 14″ 20 tripod connection at the bottom.
  • This teleprompter works best with an iPad.

If you’re serious about taking your video marketing to the next level, go with the Parrot Teleprompter. This is one of the most affordable and travel-friendly teleprompters on the market today. If you’re ‘in the field’ at all, this is what you want to keep your script on point while you share on site with your audience.

Here are a few of the Parrot Teleprompter features for you to keep in mind:

  • You can set up the Parrot Teleprompter in record time – as in, less than 60 seconds, period.
  • The Parrot’s professional-grade 30r/70t teleprompter glass provides a clear view of your script for full confidence.
  • The Parrot Teleprompter collapses down into a super-convenient travel pack.
  • Excellent integration with most camcorders and slur cameras on the market today.
  • If you do purchase the Parrot Teleprompter, be sure to download their user-friendly Parrot Teleprompter app for free.
  • You did see the price, right? You probably won’t get nearly this much value at such a reasonable price.

What inspired us to look at the Glide Gear TMP100 Teleprompter? For one, it’s the same teleprompter purchased by our good friend Mike Ruman at Military Marketing. Here’s what you need to know about this amazing teleprompter:

  • Features the beam split glass with 70% visible light transmission – this is arguably the clearest teleprompter display you may ever see at this price point.
  • Accommodates any smartphone or tablet up to 10.5 x 9.5 Inches
  • The Glide Gear TMP100 collapses down to a highly manageable size to help keep your load light and worry-free as you travel.
  • We recommend using the App Teleprompter Premium/Pro with your tablet or smartphone.
  • The protective carry case/tripod and camera are NOT currently included.

There’s no question the Ikan PT-ELITE-PRO is the Lexus of single-camera teleprompters. You get exactly what you pay for with this exceptional product:

  • Built with a foldable glass frame that’s sturdy
  • Designed to house larger iPad, Android, and Windows tablets
  • Comes with a quick-release baseplate
  • The CNC Machined Aluminum framework is solid with a 15mm-rod construct for a versatile and user-friendly experience.

Once you have the right teleprompter, take your time practicing with it before recording. We included a few teleprompters that come with a remote. You may want to keep an extra set of batteries at the ready if you’re continually using the remote.