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4 Biggest Obstacles to Content Marketing for Entrepreneurs

As entrepreneurs it's up to us to share our content with the right audience.

The ability to create and share great, timely content is what's leveled the playing field when it comes to marketing. For a lot of entrepreneurs though, there are four humongous obstacles to navigate when it comes to content marketing.

Time to create content

Everybody's busy, especially entrepreneurs! You have the "regular" hours working to build a business, plus the "off hours" of the evening and middle of the night wake-ups where your mind is still focused on your business. Robert D. says entrepreneurs who want to be successful should expect to work at least eighty hours a week! You might wonder if it's worth your time to create content.

Studies continue to show that businesses that blog at least time a week generate 67% more leads. (Hubspot) Why wouldn't you want to build your business by over 65% by committing one hour of your week to creating new content?

Consistency of content

Another big obstacle for entrepreneurs when it comes to content marketing is consistency. This goes beyond posting on your blog every Wednesday; consistency includes frequency, length of content, style of content, and content sharing. Your audience expects you to produce engaging, fresh content on a consistent basis. The content medium (video, written, podcast, etc.) doesn't matter nearly as much as the delivery of it.

Audience interest in your content

This is the kissing cousin to consistency of content. Your audience consume your content because they believe you have answers to their questions or concerns. This is the whole reason why they visited your site, signed up for your email list, subscribed to your podcast, or followed you in the first place.

Creating content to fit their areas of interest is crucial towards serving them. Marcus Sheridan of the Mad Marketing podcast champions the "They Ask, You Answer" approach to content marketing. Your audience's interest in what you have to say is reliant on your ability to provide engaging, helpful answers. No answers, no interest, so be helpful!

Value Proposition

I call this the "So, what?" principle. Why should anyone listen to your podcast, read your blog, or pay attention to your social media content? The value you communicate should be undeniable. Seth Godin talks about creating remarkable products in his book Purple Cow. Our job as entrepreneurs is create remarkable content to benefit our audience.

The value proposition in your content needs to establish at least three things:

  • Relevance to your audience's interest
  • Industry credibility for you and your business
  • Helpful information to solve a practical problem, question, or area of concern

Tackle these three areas and your value will be unmistakable to your audience.

What are some of the challenges you've faced when it comes to content marketing as an entrepreneur?