Do entrepreneurs need to develop their "voice" in content marketing?

Do Entrepreneurs Need to Develop Their Voice in Content Marketing?

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Entrepreneurs entering the world of content marketing can feel pressured to have a set "voice" for their content. Is that a good thing?

Studies show that 54% of readers don't trust sponsored content. (Contently) Whether it's a blog post, podcast, webinar, or email marketing sequence, it can be easy to think you have to be different from everybody else to even stand out to prospective clients. This can add unnecessary pressure to be so unique in your content communication that you lose the power of your message.

When I first started as an entrepreneur, I put so much pressure on myself to write perfect content. I quickly remembered that I'll never perfect, neither will my content be. My content started to sound more like me when I just wrote to share valuable information with my audience.

People talk about developing your "voice" in content marketing- your unique communication style with your audience. Content marketing guru Marcus Sheridan of shared in one of his early podcasts that he doesn't believe it's that important to develop a set voice for your content. I tend to agree with Sheridan on this one (and with a lot of other things he says as well). By the way, if you haven't subscribed to Marcus' Mad Marketing podcast yet, it's well worth your time.

The good thing is that you as an entrepreneur already have a unique voice for sharing why you do what you do. Your content "voice" will change over time as well; voices are meant to be dynamic anyways! The wisdom you'll be able to share in ten years will sound and feel differently than what you're sharing today. That's a good thing; it means you're learning!

Developing a content focus vs. a content "voice"

Although your content voice, how you communicate, will change over time, what shouldn't change as quickly is your content focus. Your audience relies on you to provide your unique perspective on your industry, answer questions and concerns from that perspective, and provide solutions to solve those problems. Changing your focus will leave your audience wondering if they can trust you as an industry authority.

Your journey as an entrepreneur is about sharing your message with the right people in the right way through content marketing. How you share it will change as technology and business shifts, but you can still develop your audience's expectations with great, engaging content. Be focused, reliable, and concise in how you share your perspective and your business and people will learn to trust and follow your content "voice" over time.