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How to Use Content Marketing as an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs face the incredible challenge of building a profit company.

Whether you own a brick-and-mortar store or an online service space, you have to work your butt off to get your company's name on the front of prospective buyers' minds. It's tough to do, especially when your competition might be a big-box competitor spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising each year. Marketers are expected to spend over $135 billion in advertising this next year! (Jeff Bullas)

Welcome to content marketing!

Content marketing takes the focus off interrupting the wrong people with the wrong product at the wrong time and seeks to serve consumers with the right information.

Content marketing involves creating and sharing a variety of content, like blog posts, eBooks, white papers, marketing emails, even webinars to help answer prospective buyers' questions and concerns. Over 75% of consumers feel more confident and positive about a specific brand after reading custom content from them. (Demand Metric)

The world of content marketing is a game-changer for entrepreneurs! The better you can address your ideal customer's specific questions and needs, the more likely they are to buy from you. Creating and sharing all that content takes time, time you may not be able to commit to as an entrepreneur. You may need to hire a content marketing firm or a content writer to help build your content platform.

Cost of content marketing for an entrepreneur

How much should you expect to spend on content marketing as an entrepreneur? Marcus Sheridan of the Sales Lion estimates a small- to medium-sized business should be spending at least $2,000/month on retainer with a marketing firm. (The Sales Lion) For any new business, that's a lot of money to invest in promoting your business!

The cost of creating great content can be lowered if you as the owner are able to dedicate part of your time to creating your own content. This provides added value because your customers get to hear you share about why you do what you do in your own words. Your custom content builds trust in your readers as they get to know you through your content writing.

Outsourcing content marketing as an entrepreneur

For a lot of entrepreneurs, there aren't enough hours in the day to create the amount and type of content you need to promote your business. This is why I do what I do. I get to work with entrepreneurs in a variety of industries (tech, fitness, retail, business, and more) by creating custom content designed to reach the right prospective clients.

Many of my clients have seen significant jumps in revenue after beginning their content marketing efforts with me, some of them even doubling in profit over a six-month period of time! I can't guarantee those same results, but I can guarantee quality, relevant content written with your company and values in mind.