Blogging is Your Content Castle, Social Media is Your Outposts

Castle - 01Your blog is your content castle. It’s the central hub for your brand’s content strategy.

Your blog is the most dynamic form of content available to your target audience today. It’s where clients come to learn about you, evaluate your services, get to know you, and hear why you do what you do and how you can help them.

It was only a few years ago that a company’s website was seen as the center of their marketing approach. If you had a website, you were ahead of most of your competition. Not anymore.

Content marketing has helped shift the focus from simply having a website to having a growing, robust content stream in your blog. Your blog helps protect your brand’s reputation, adds value to the people visiting your site, and lets you speak with authority, just like a castle.

Your social media platforms, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, whatever they are, need to be treated like an outpost. Social media isn’t the center of your brand; it’s an extension of it. When brands put too much emphasis on their social media while ignoring their website and blog content is when big problems happen.

I’ve talked with multiple entrepreneurs and small businesses who poured tremendous time and marketing costs into their Facebook page, only to have it vanish with the latest change in Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm. Because they didn’t build great content through their blog, which they own, these brands are now left without all the SEO benefit of their content strategy.

There are three steps to keeping your blog at the center of your brand:

  1. Don’t build on rented land. This is truer now more than ever with social media platforms making significant changes to their search engine algorithms and membership guidelines. Don’t be left wishing you’d built your brand somewhere else; build on your blog.
  2. Create a content strategy built on your blog. Know what you’re wanting to say, when you’re wanting to say it, and how you’re wanting to say it.
  3. Prepare your social media strategy to be nimble when changes happen. Change will come for every social media platform, if it isn’t already changing right now. It’s better to have a central hub you can control rather than jumping ship from one social media platform to the next.

Building your blog is a great way to improve your brand and build authority. Ask about my blogging services and blog coaching to help your blog become the center of your brand’s message.

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