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Six-Packs and Social Media?!

Six-pack abs take work! It’s one thing to see a 20-year old claiming to be allergic to his shirt while flashing a six-pack on Daytona Beach. It’s another thing to see a 40-something not ashamed to show the world they are the 1% of their age group with a fantastic […]

Six-Packs and Social Media

Buffer Social Media Management App

Social Media Tools 101: Buffer 1

As the name suggests, Social Media Tools 101 is a series of posts to help beginners understand some of the wonderful social media management apps and tools available today.  What is Buffer? Buffer is a social media scheduling tool.  The key to social media is adding unique value in a noisy world. For […]

25 Content Marketing Tools to Kickstart 2014

It’s a new year and that means new tips, tricks, and tools to help content marketers share their message even better. The right content marketing tools can elevate your brand’s message and increase lead generation. GSMI just released this incredible infographic covering 25 game-changing content marketing tools to help take […]