Okay, so you’ve read about all the ways a content calendar can improve the impact of your content as an influencer. Now you want to build a content calendar of your own. The question is how… how do you build a content calendar? Where should you even start?

Step 1 | Find the right content calendar application​

The first step is finding the right content calendar application to use. There are a range of tools available for creating your own calendar. I’ll cover some of the best available content calendar tools online in tomorrow’s post. Stay tuned!

Once you find the right template, whether it be a range of sticky notes or a high-functioning online program, the next step is downloading all your ideas into one place. Take the time to wrangle all your current ideas together. It’s helpful to see all your ideas in one place.

Step 2 | Evaluate your content ideas

Next comes the brainstorming. Use a whiteboard, notebook, whatever you need to brainstorm. If you have a support team helping create content, set aside a block of time for all of you to get ideas on the whiteboard. Don’t judge, just write. This is where you also share all your current ideas and put them on the board with equal credibility.

Once you have ideas on the board, then you can start triaging and judging each idea. Brainstorming tip: don’t trash bad ideas. Save them in the recycle bin to see if they can be changed into good ideas. The key is getting ideas out there. As you look at the whiteboard, see if some ideas start to thread together into a theme and put it on the calendar.

Step 3 | Build your content calendar

After you’ve built your calendar and brainstormed, you need a safe place to download new ideas. Our Keynote Content team uses Evernote as the catch-all for our content ideas (and lots of other ideas). Find a way to quickly capture your light bulb moments so you can reference them later on during your R&D phase. We currently use Google Sheets to build Content Calendars for clients because of the easy collaboration and more universal access. Follow the button link to see a sample type of Content Calendar…

Click here to view Sample Content Calendar

Step 4 | Put your content calendar to use!

The most important part of building a content calendar is putting it to use. You planned your work, and now it’s time to work your plan. Set time in your schedule each week, whether you’re a team or an individual, to review your content calendar. Is it working for you? Are your timelines realistic? What are some tweaks, or even major changes that need to happen to improve your calendar?

Follow these steps and you will build an efficient and powerful content calendar that will transform your blog.